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Gender: Male
Birthday: May 25, 1994
Relationship: Single
Religion: atheist
Birthplace: Windsor Ontario
Current City: Windsor Ontario


St.Clair College: 2012 - 2015
University Of Windsor : 2015 - 2016



James Moore
October 3, 2016 · Public

Hey guys, So possible summer position could be a thing for me. But the person said I have to know "If I get you an interview it'll be all ES6 JavaScript react stuff" can anybody break this down for me and point me in the best direction to learn javascript etc. I'm a computer science student and we've never touched anything web related. Just C, Miranda, assembly, C# and Java. Greatly appreciated

James Moore
September 20, 2016 · Public


Only reason im posting in the steam is because theres no uva or acm forum... to my knowledge, If anybody sees anything noticeable with my code or perhaps why its not passing on uva online judge , let me know in preferably a message so i dont miss it. thanks

James Moore
August 9, 2016 · Public

Hey Guys, not sure what forum this would belong in but, does anyone know how i can go about installing eclipse or some kind of java ide in a crouton version of xfce ubuntu, I have no idea how to install things in linux i guess

James Moore
July 10, 2016 · Public

Hey Guys, Thinking about making a timelapse video of a screen recording session, just wondering what the best program to do this would be, preferably free program. thanks

James Moore
July 6, 2016 · Public

1) how do i make a post in the forums
2) Does anyone know know where i can go via youtube for getting started with github. Me and and a friend wanna collaborate on a project