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Hidden Tesla
July 12, 2015 · Public

which light theme you will recommend me for sublime text 3 ?? I don't like dark ones...

Hidden Tesla
July 12, 2015 · Public

I hate When you guys recommend me of Mr. Robot (or anyother TV series) and Its freaking addictive and the feeling you get when you get to know that you'll have to wait for some days to see upcoming episodes!! Holy Crap!!!

Hidden Tesla  >>  Mirlo guessmygender
July 11, 2015 · Public

How do you change gender so easily ???

Hidden Tesla
June 28, 2015 · Public

A programmer whether a beginner or an expert is always a STUDENT.
- By The Great Hidden Tesla... :P xD

Hidden Tesla  >>  Melissa Ries
June 27, 2015 · Public

You find your 15 years old friend and forgot us..??? What the heck.!!!