regarding on c programming, i need somebody to help me to solve the warning:
rocks.c: In function ‘main’:
rocks.c:46:2: warning: unknown conversion type character ‘}’ in format [-Wformat]
rocks.c:67:2: warning: format ‘%s’ expects a matching ‘char *’ argument [-Wformat]

and this is my program

EDB 1023 Structured Programming and Interfacing
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
JAN 2015 Software Project Due Date: 22nd March 2015
Author 1: Thamiet Saukeaw A/L Phon (20885)
Author 2: Calvin Kynsesky Entri Anak Necholas (21177)
File name : 20885CKEAN_p1.c
Purpose : To play against the computer for 10 matches of rock, paper and scissors. The result of the matches will be recorded in the html format.
Computations : win = win + 1;
draw = draw + 1;
lose = lose + 1;
WinPercent = win * 100 / (win + draw + lose);
Inputs : playar, weapon
Outputs : weapon used {rock, paper or scissors}, result {win, lose or draw}, weapon analysis {change or same with previous move}

#define CRSRUP "\033[A"

int main()
FILE *fp;
int round, weapon, rival, win = 0 , draw = 0, lose = 0,weaponLast,winPercent;
char player[28], filename[]="20885CKEAN.html";
char weapon1[100];

fp = fopen(filename, "w");
if (fp==NULL){
printf("Cannot open file %s\n",filename);
exit (0);

fprintf(fp, "\n");
fprintf(fp, "[QWERTYUIOP] JAN 2015: SOFTWARE PROJECT\n");

fprintf(fp, "\n");
fprintf(fp, "\n");
fprintf(fp, "ul {list-style-type:disc}\n");
fprintf(fp, "table {width:40%}\n");
fprintf(fp, "table, td {border:1px solid black}\n");
fprintf(fp, "td {text-align:center}\n");
fprintf(fp, "\n");
fprintf(fp, "\n");
fprintf(fp, "\n");

fprintf(fp, "\nBelow are the result analysis from the game rock,\n");
fprintf(fp, "paper and scissor programmed by these awesome guys :-\n");
fprintf(fp, "\n");
fprintf(fp, "Author 1: Thamiet Saukeaw A/L Phon (20885)\n");
fprintf(fp, "Author 2: Calvin Kynsesky Entri Anak Necholas (21177)\n");
fprintf(fp, "\n");


printf(" Enter your nickname: ");

printf("\n Hi \033[1m%s\033[0m! We have written a program that brings you to your childhoood memory\n");
printf(" where you were once playing a game that most of us call as Rock, Paper and\n");
printf(" Scissors nowadays. Now, you will be playing 10 rounds against the computer or\n");
printf(" in other words, computer will become your \033[1mRIVAL\033[0m!\n\n");

printf("To play, enter the number that have been assigned to each weapon as follow:-\n");
printf("\n\t[1] Rock\n");
printf("\t[2] Paper\n");
printf("\t[3] Scissors\n\n");

printf(" Ready or not, here we go! GOOD LUCK!\n");

fprintf(fp, "\nGame Analysis (%s vs. Computer)\n",player);

fprintf(fp, "\n");

fprintf(fp, "\n");
fprintf(fp, "Round\n");
fprintf(fp, "Weapon\n");
fprintf(fp, "Result\n");
fprintf(fp, "Weapon Analysis\n");
fprintf(fp, "\n");

for(round=1; round=1 && weapon