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Andile Simelane
May 23, 2016 · Public

Hi everyone,

I need help on two things.

1. What unicode to create ordered list icon. The functionality is there but just the Icon. on the btn. Using Javascript obvious i need GUI icon.
2. Uisng jQuery how to display dropdown message after php scripts completed successful.

Thank you inadvance

Andile Simelane
April 11, 2016 · Public

HI Developers!

I am using boostrap to nice up my web app, I have two div that I want to float on the right and left, the left div got Boostrap panel class and some link to other pages. the problem is once I include float to the div with a panel the Links no longer clickable.

I hope I am clear

Thanking in advance


Andile Simelane
March 21, 2016 · Public

Hello Developers.

Please one good developer can help with creating java web services from begginer to advance. I guess most of us can benefit from this.

Andile Simelane
December 2, 2015 · Public

Hy... I am working as a junior developer and I have seem my seniors doing something great. Using web service in C# windows form application and I don't know how they did it. I want to implement the same on Java using RESTful servie and java swing Application can somebody help me, where to start. I have couple of pdf books explaining RESTful services and on the net examples are implemented using web application.

Please help me.

Andile Simelane
March 28, 2015 · Public

Hlw ppl.

Please help me i am using java netbeans, i want to create an app the will start when the operating system start the, it lock the operating system so that you can not go to other application, until you log in.

I will be happy to receive links that will be great help and your comment ll be appreciated

Java Spring