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Points: 47
Gender: Male
Birthday: October 27, 1993
Relationship: Single
Religion: Christian
Birthplace: Nairobi, Kenya
Current City: Nairobi


Technical University of Kenya: 2013 - 2015


CloudFactory: 2014 - 2015


+254724384488 mwangicj

Mwangi CJ  >>  Bucky Roberts
June 15, 2016 · Public

Hi, Hoss. When you get some time please make some video tutorials for Android working with Volley Library

Mwangi CJ
January 13, 2016 · Public

Seems I've been away for so long, So much has changed in here. New website look, feels so modern, Great job Bucky

Mwangi CJ
July 29, 2015 · Public

Mwangi CJ  >>  Bucky Roberts
June 29, 2015 · Public

Special request. Please make a video tutorial for creating a password reset system with php.

Mwangi CJ  >>  Bucky Roberts
June 2, 2015 · Public

Yoh. Thank dudes for such amazing tutorials. I've learnt a lot of webdesign with XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and also PHP with Alex from phpacademy. Now I have created a new kid in town. A blog site in Kenya. Once again thank you.