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Coleman University: 2007 - 2012




Vimal Menon  >>  Dante Vega
March 14, 2015 · Public

hi Dante,
You still working on website thingy. if you could share more details as what the website is all about, maybe i can try to help you.

Dante Vega
March 12, 2015 · Public

Dante Vega  >>  Bucky Roberts
March 8, 2015 · Public

Hey Bucky can you answer my post real quick please I would deeply appreciate it?


Dante Vega
March 8, 2015 · Public

Yeah I am just a lonely security guard right now but sometime soon I will be a CEO for my own company.

Dante Vega
March 8, 2015 · Public

I was trying to get someone interested in making me a web site Pro-Bono for a business I am starting. The deal was that in return for creating the site for me I would provide that person with unlimited access to my network and services. The network would act as a digital middle man for hosting Graphic design tutorials. The network would also create incentive for tutorial creators to create tutorials to be posted onto the network/streaming video site. There is a lot more to this business then I want to share on a simple post here on thenewboston.com. If you are interested in learning more please don't hesitate to ask especially if you are interested in helping me move forward more quickly towards making this business go public more quickly.

For now I am stuck learning off of these tutorials that Bucky Roberts has kindly provided us here on thenewboston.com.

Thank you Bucky you da man!!!

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