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Barbie Banks
February 26, 2015 · Public

Bucky, I know you are busy but do you ever get to respond is it too overwhelming for you.

Barbie Banks  >>  Bucky Roberts
February 25, 2015 · Public

Bucky I am new to the Python world and I have been studying your tutorials, however I have a question. I have a directory full of dump files that I need to read in and I am not sure if I need to use a simply read, write and print function or if I need to do some other function for reading a directory. My goal is to read in the directory and each record will be process and stored into another file. It sounds pretty simple but when you don't know something it can be pretty hard. Can you help me... thanks" target="_blank">

PS. I love your tutorial... each day I feel like I have learned a lot...