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Birthday: February 10, 1986
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Birthplace: Memphis, TN
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Joseph Bridges
April 11, 2016 · Public

Does anyone know of any good video on photo forensics and free software? I have two photos. One was SUPPOSE to be original and the other was uploaded to Facebook from a phone the downloaded from Facebook to a phone then stored on a computer. I need to check the one that was suppose to be original to see if the image was altered for better quality, and see if a spot on the ear was altered to remove a ear ring. Next I need to check the on that came off of Facebook (that is grainy) to see if I can enhance it to make it not grainy. I also need to examine a line that shows up on an ear to see if it is showing up from a data loss or if in fact it was an ear ring.

Joseph Bridges
June 28, 2014 · Public

Joe in the Jungle? Na just a city park with my step bro.