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Gabriel Badiola
January 15, 2016 · Public

Ooohh... it's been long since, so this site is using bootstrap now cool :>

Gabriel Badiola
July 11, 2015 · Public

Good day guys :D

I am building a site using PHP but . . .

what would I do if my user was to use a CMS that allows for adding underlie, bold, font size, ect code. Like this forum does. How would I make sure no scripting is sent through?

Gabriel Badiola
May 2, 2015 · Public

What should i choose I.T or Computer Science, i both love networking and programming at the same time :(

Gabriel Badiola
March 1, 2015 · Public

It's been a week since i started learning flash ActionScript3, i might say it's kinda awesome. I just started building my "game", still empty tho. :)

Gabriel Badiola
December 31, 2014 · Public

Advance Happy New Year!!! Everyone! :D

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