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Elias Ndemuweda  >>  Bucky Roberts
February 26, 2015 · Public

Yow Bucky, I'm TheNewBoston from Africa.

I believe u receive thousands of Inboxes, but I'm still waiting on your reply for my "Final Year Project Idea".

Somehow I can't take the 2nd step without your input.


Elias Ndemuweda
February 22, 2015 · Public

Elias Ndemuweda  >>  Bucky Roberts
February 22, 2015 · Public

Sup Bucky?!!
This is ENKO from Namibia (Southern Africa)

See how far your work's reaching??

Just signed up to give u plenty thanks for your YouTube videos.
They've taught me so much better than my lecturers, so I sometimes rather stayed home watching your Tutorials.

You are a great teacher, I wrote my Computer Science 3rd Year November 2014 Examinations with ease. All gratitude is due to God and u my brother.

I'm in my Final Year this year, and I have an idea for my Final Year Project that I wanna share with u.