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coastal bend college: 2008 - 2012



Abdullah Nauman  >>  shaun hester
July 25, 2015 · Public

So how is your Java going?

shaun hester
February 20, 2015 · Public

There are those who Dream and Those who Achieve , the only difference between the two in action. Which are you?

shaun hester  >>  Bucky Roberts
February 19, 2015 · Public

On your python 3 tutorials you list jerzee numbers its not to the SF Giants is it?

shaun hester
February 19, 2015 · Public

I have a friend that is a computer programmer , he has been programming since like the 4thgrade . he was telling me that python was originally written as a tutorial language to teach programming and then it just caught on really well so im going to be checking that out as well..i think programming languages are quickly becoming my new addiction.

shaun hester  >>  Bucky Roberts
February 17, 2015 · Public

Hey Bucky again wanted to ty you are an amazing tutor. I was curious though as someone who has never coded but wants to learn to program what should i be starting with to build a solid foundation for other languages>