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Points: 181
Gender: Male
Birthday: September 26, 1993
Relationship: Single
Religion: Hindu
Birthplace: India
Current City: Vijayawada


Udai Media (One town): 2014 - 2014






Jayanth Varma B  >>  Bucky Roberts
February 28, 2017 · Public

Bucky how can you leave Metasploit Tutorials by making just 6 videos and explaining only basics ? There is still much more to learn about it. Please make more videos.

Jayanth Varma B
February 26, 2017 · Public

Baahubali 2 Rana as Ballala Deva

Jayanth Varma B
September 2, 2016 · Public

Watching Sherlock Season 1 Episode one Again. This might look like a completely unrelated post. It is. Just typing it out to add color to my profile.

Jayanth Varma B
February 5, 2016 · Public

Jayanth Varma B
February 5, 2016 · Public

Guys I created a new gaming channel in youtube. It still needs some work. Care to help a friend gain some subscribers, Help me then. Link is given below. Subscribe and ask your friends interested in gaming to have a look. Thanks in advance :)