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emmie qnomak  >>  Bucky Roberts
February 8, 2015 · Public

can any one in the forum help me?
I am very new this programming software xampp.I just installed XAMPP it . And i found out that ports Apache is not running what could be the cause of this?

Also, how do i access the local host on the web browser and how do i also log-in the phpmyadmin area on my locahost.

please help me out with this guys thanks!!!

emmie qnomak
February 8, 2015 · Public

Hello members of this great forum! I am comp0letely new to programming and, i just installed XAMPP on my pc Window 7 ultimate. and now APACHE, MYSQL, FILEZILLA and TOMCAT are not working.

Please i need you guys to help me out here what do i do. However, i have AVAST anti virus running and filezilla soft ware running as well. Please help out here i need help