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Dol Lod
July 3, 2017 · Public

Hi, Bucky. Is it possible to update your table of contents? I just looked at the React tutorials and it looks like a completely different series if you go to the youtube channel as opposed to using the tables of contents. The second series appears to be 13 videos long and more recent. Just saw Vataxia on Facebook. Nice job.

Dol Lod
June 24, 2017 · Public

I'm sorry to say this because I've used several tutorial series on this website including Java, Python, XML&CSS, Android, SQL, and they were awesome but the Javascript tutorial series is substandard. I would say the only people who could benefit from it are those who use MongoDb. Syntax and methods aren't that bad to figure out if you have OOO or other programming like Java.

However, I think you skipped over the main focus of javascript: dom elements and such. I think I'll have to find a new tutorial series for Javascript because this one just doesn't have what I need.

Dol Lod
December 20, 2015 · Public

Is anyone else having an issue with the black bar on the left? It won't allow me to scroll down or anything else so I am stuck with whatever comes up first. I tried switching browsers from chrome to firefox and there was no improvement. What happened to the site? I checked it in Thanksgiving and it was working perfectly.