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Points: 34
Gender: Male
Birthday: August 2, 1994
Relationship: In a Relationship
Religion: Roman Catholic
Political Views: If Democracy would work properly, that would be really great.
Birthplace: Manila
Current City: Tondo, Manila





bos.eriko eriko-kun

Bos Eriko Reyes
September 9, 2014 · Public

Done with the About Page of my community website. The design is kind of cliche but I like it.

Bos Eriko Reyes
September 4, 2014 · Public

It's been a month already since I removed bucky's ads on my website and the bitcoins that I got from it still isn't processed. I thought it will only take about a week to see it in my wallet?

Bos Eriko Reyes
August 25, 2014 · Public

So I'm done with the community part of my website. Now I'm trying to create the portfolio part and I'll put it here so if anyone have their own portfolios, may I see it? xD I need some inspiration.

Bos Eriko Reyes
August 23, 2014 · Public

Finally done with my minimalist 404 page. xD

Bos Eriko Reyes
August 21, 2014 · Public

ugh. can't decide on the design of the 404 page of my website. xD I want a parallax effect like github's 404... :P