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Paul doro
March 27, 2015 · Public

Anyone familiar with struts frameworks?

Paul doro
January 31, 2015 · Public

Was going through bucks 25th javascript tutorial. I know Java and javascript are two different things.So far every thing seemed like, I was learning java concepts all over again.And obviously I was expecting that creating an INSTANCE would also be same in JS as in java. But it seems slightly different. So I have a doubt lingering in my head. I will make a statement to clear things up, tell me if its right or wrong

though most concepts are similar, creating an INSTANCE in JS is slightly different to JAVA...yes or no

Paul doro
January 29, 2015 · Public

Android help please!! Hi...Just last night I discovered, that buck has posted new android tuts. Now before I dive in, I want to let you know that I know the concepts of beginner java and basic HTML. I am I good to go Now?
The following are the topics I covered or I know in java so far, please tell me is that enough to dive into Android

Java topics I know so far are.............

Variables, Math operators, packages and imports, If and else conditional statements, switch statements, For loops, while loops, do-while loops ,Arrays, Arrays in methods Enhanced for loops Switch case, Inheritance and objects, casting and converting data types, User input with Scanners, constructors, Access modifiers, void and return methods, Abstract methods, static variables and static methods, variable scope, “this” keyword, default constructors, “super” keyword. Primitive objects and Reference variables, getters and setters, Knowledge on heap and garbage collectors, polymorphism, abstract classes and methods, interfaces, Exceptions (try, catch, finally), threads.