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Gender: Male
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Religion: Christian
Birthplace: Ghana
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Dennis Siaw
August 19, 2015 · Public

I woke up and was pondering over this,

1. When you use your hand to tickle yourself, It doesn't shock or make you laugh

2. Ever wonder what will happen if a male Goat and a female Sheep should mate?

3. The majority of Tall people on earth are Men

4. The battle between good and evil, maybe God should just kill Satan so that everything will be good and perfect

5. Scientist say there are nine planets, but humans are only living on one of them (Earth) What is the purpose of the other planets?

6. The people that invented Alphabets (A-Z), Why did they stop at "Z" Why haven't the new generation invented new alphabets or upgrade it just like programs?

7. They say the world is upgrading, people in those days use to live longer than 700 years of age. Why is the human life span not upgrading?

Dennis Siaw
April 27, 2015 · Public

Dennis Siaw
February 17, 2015 · Public

Dennis Siaw
January 29, 2015 · Public

Wooow, its feels great that i could chat with Bucky.