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Ron Sebastian
September 23, 2014 · Public

Hey Bucky! I was just wondering, how are your BRAds doing? How many Ad campaigns have run thus far?

And when will you begin showing ads from BuySellAds. (I'm a part of buysellads and i was browsing their marketplace where i saw buckysroom)

I really care about your revenue because thenewboston made me what i am..

Ron Sebastian
August 20, 2014 · Public

Hey, I've seen websites like ask or eBay classifieds where AdSense ads are shown but they are somehow obtained through json and displayed as the developer likes. How does that happen... In the earlier days there was AdSense for feeds but what now? I know about Bing syndicated search partners, can anyone tell me how to sign up... Please!

Ron Sebastian
July 31, 2014 · Public

Am i the only lucky person to have seen buckysroom change live!?

I was just watching some tutorials in the videos section and when i clicked on the next tut. I saw a different background! the wooden one

Ron Sebastian
July 28, 2014 · Public

So... Just wondering.. How much has BuckysRoom earned with BRAds?

Ron Sebastian
July 18, 2014 · Public

Hey bucky, why don't you put up a skyscraper ad on the stream below the Account vertical navigation i.e.

It will sure make sure all corners of your website are monetized... I really thank you for teaching and will be really happy if you make a couple more pennies..