hello Bucky

im dennis norton and iv watched ur tutorials on construct 2 and have completed them. i am very new to game creation and i have no coding experience.
i just want to ask ur advice, i want to make a card came (as in playing cards) using construct 2, i want to be able to let ppl down load for free or a small fee if i could and it to be a mobile phone app, tablet etc possibly more platforms if i could. i need it to be a multiple payer game that ppl can play across the internet BUT how possible is this for me to do do u think realistically? am i wasting my time learning from scratch to make a game. as this would be my first ever game apart from the tutorials i followed of yours on making a platform game, or is it worth ago?
I will have to find tutorials that would suit my game but i have found it hard to find tutorials on this type of game, iv tried typing card game tutorials, poker and others but nothing really helps and if i try to apply what iv picked up in ur tutorials im lost.
anyway thanks for your time and if u could shed some light on this matter, anything at all i would be very grateful.
thanks again