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Birthday: March 13, 1991
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Religion: Islam
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Smn Ard
January 30, 2016 · Public

I really need help here, I want to make a mini compiler for XML language . But I really don't know from where to start. I have to do a lexical analysis then parsing and finally a symantique analysis.
my problem is that I couldn't understand where is the key words and the operators and the separator in XML language. at least the key words that would help me a lot

Smn Ard
January 27, 2016 · Public

Smn Ard
December 12, 2015 · Public

I need a CSS cake for my friend's birthday.

Smn Ard
December 9, 2015 · Public

been Not connected for a long time ... surprised with changes :)
everything looks so sweet .. good job

Smn Ard
June 20, 2015 · Public

saha fotorkom.