I need to get some information about HTML5 and Android, please. How would I go about getting this to one of the tech people or even to someone that can give me specific answers? Thanks.

1. HTML5: I have taken some of your courses before and I like the way that you interact. I took your HTML5 course, however since it did not have an actual project in the lessons, I decided to take another one from ed2go.com. I have since come across your responsive web course and that may give me what I need, since you walk through creating an actual web page, and also provide templates. The ed2go mobile course also goes over installing Google APIs, which is what I am really wanting. Can you please tell me if you have any videos what go over installing Google onto a web page please? If not, I will still have to take that ed2go course to get that information.

2: I tried taking your Android course however I had trouble installing Android Studio, on two different PCs, and each machine had a different problem. I would like to continue the course when I can get the installation to work. Do you by chance have tech people working with you that would be able to offer me some assistance?

Also, I need to change my email address but I can't find any information on that. Would I be required to cancel my account then create a new one with the email that I now want to use?