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Seems Legit  >>  Bucky Roberts
March 30, 2015 · Public

Great job handeling the hack Buckey! I didn't feel panic or unsafe which happens most when sites get hacked and your data is on there.

Seems Legit
March 27, 2015 · Public

I've been using Netbeans for quite a while now, but I never noticed this hover. Very cool of them

Seems Legit
March 3, 2015 · Public
This thing in Java looks sooo handy. Has anyone used it before?

Seems Legit
February 25, 2015 · Public

If you have not watched The Imitation Game yet I would recommend it!

Seems Legit  >>  Sally Al.
February 17, 2015 · Public

I am quite new here but I want to wish you a happy birthday :) enjoy your day!

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