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March 2, 2015 · Public

Lé Pig
December 27, 2014 · Public

Hi, Bucky
Firstly....thanks for your service! Very cool of you. Secondly, I am very new to this and am attempting to learn C++. I am attempting to really imbed declaring classes using strings and integers, calculations and things like that into my brain, but my question for you is if I want to create games in the future, starting with text based games then moving on to 2D and possibly 3D would you recommend I thoroughly watch each one of your videos on C++ for that type of programming? Or are there other avenues you would suggest?

I would prefer to start on C++ despite most people suggesting you don't, but I worry that I will feel hindered by knowing only Java for example if I decide to make some big decisions about game making in the distant future.

Great work and thanks again!