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Vimal Menon
March 15, 2015 · Public

I am planning to start tutorial on HTML, CSS , Javascript, JQuery, AngularJS , PHP and Codeigniter from beginners to expert level (will cover how to make a complete website). So if i get more than 10 like or comments i will post the link to channel below. Vote is to check if people would be interested in languages.

Vimal Menon  >>  Dante Vega
March 14, 2015 · Public

hi Dante,
You still working on website thingy. if you could share more details as what the website is all about, maybe i can try to help you.

Vimal Menon
November 30, 2014 · Public

Vimal Menon
November 30, 2014 · Public

Vimal Menon
August 26, 2014 · Public

Anybody know how to pass this in 2048 or is this end of game ?