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Customers of any ISP or domain service provider want their websites operational 24/7. It is the responsibility of the system administrator of an ISP to keep website operational by continuous monitoring of servers and fixing if some problem arises down. For this purpose someone has to be present in front of server consoles 24/7, which is a very hard job. Secondly this manual process of fixing server is time consuming, administrator is called either after observing some problems regarding a website on specific server, or on request of customer to fix the problems of website in this way down-time of a particular website or server is increased many folds. Our application will minimize the server down time and will automatically tell admin about the server problem, so that he can take timely action to fix that problem. Our application “Ping Based Server Status Finder and Domain Registration Management” is an online application, which will ping multiple servers after every 30-60 seconds and automatically sends message (sms) to the system admin, in case of server down or failure. Our system also manages the customers’ data and all information (name price and package) about the domains. In case of failure of any functionality the user can sends their complaints to the admin to take timely action to avoid any unavailability of services. Our application is implemented using Asp.Net on 4-teir architecture. Tools and technologies used in our application are MS SQL Server 2012, Visual Studio 2012, Adobe Photoshop, Dream viewer, JQuery, Ajax. The web server that our application is using is Internet information Server (IIS) whereas MS SQL Server 2012 is for database. Our application is installed on main server which is connected to multiple servers and this main server should have MS SQL Server 2012 installed in it.