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Religion: Expansionism(because even jesus had to implode at some point)
Political Views: Ostrichize everything... throw every man & woman & child a ostrich! & LET THEM RIDE!
Birthplace: The Golden Age... You know the one..
Current City: Chicago Age: 26 [5'6


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September 14, 2014 · Public

Everything we do can have a complete & opposite effect whatever we may thrive for, even perfection.
Believing that God is the perfect being, deters anyone to be just as good, for he is perfect.
Believing that Martin Luther Kings speech is perfect, detered from anymore 1 Million man marches from happening again with the same kind of voice.
Believing that the Sol/Sun system is the farthest we can go, detered the very NASA program in & of itself.
Which end up making us rethink our own ways.

luke bernecki
September 9, 2014 · Public

It was only 4.5k only a few months ago, it grows up so fast...