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John Smith
June 25, 2016 · Public

Been quite some time, but it's good to be back! :D

John Smith
December 1, 2014 · Public

John Smith
November 25, 2014 · Public

Working on several new projects, super excited right now!

Pablo Fernandez  >>  John Smith
November 19, 2014 · Public

Hey John, thanks for the invite. Looking forward to connecting with more of you. So much to learn and so little time. It seems you have been here a while. Hoping I can learn from you experts. Thanks again

John Smith
November 18, 2014 · Public

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I got a question, well a couple of questions if you guys don't mind. I'm currently working on a website like Instagram/Photobucket basically a photo site, but my question is, how exactly do I deal with the copyright issues, how exactly do I handle that side of things? Any answers are appreciated

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