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Adam Beck
May 23, 2015 · Public

Got these as a graduation gift today

Adam Beck
March 19, 2015 · Public

This is the best book I've ever bought.

This is NOT for absolute beginners though. It's for anyone with basic/intermediate Java knowledge that wants to fly through a book and learn as much as you possibly can.

Adam Beck
November 1, 2014 · Public

I made a hilariously terrible game.

Adam Beck
October 21, 2014 · Public

I just stumbled across a link to a full PDF version of a Blue Pelican Java book. It's more than 500 pages of examples and explanations, chapter outlines, notes, etc.


Adam Beck
October 15, 2014 · Public

I couldn't figure out how to do a math problem so I wrote a quick 60 line program instead to do it for me.