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Gender: Male
Birthday: November 19, 1994
Relationship: Single
Religion: not much religious
Political Views: i m a techie (not a political person)
Birthplace: Mumbai, India
Current City: Mumbai, India


Ameya Salvi
July 13, 2015 · Public

Ameya Salvi
May 18, 2015 · Public

Hey Guys!!! I want to start learning web designing and development but I am confused how to start and where to start from. I would like to get any help or suggestions from you guys. Btw I know Java,SQL, HTML what else I need to learn for coding and how to start designing web pages

Ameya Salvi
November 2, 2014 · Public

Hey guyz... i hve to make a software or an application for my final year project which has some use in the industry and day to day life. So plzz suggest me sme ideas.......i can code in C, C++, Java, Android, Assembly..........hardware ideas are also welcomed.