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praveen kumar
December 10, 2014 · Public

praveen kumar  >>  Bucky Roberts
December 10, 2014 · Public

hello bucky... first of all man I AM A BIGGG FAN , u are the best teacher i ever met ,,,.... but now i wanted help on a pretty urgent doubt....
I am doing a mini-project on my college. and i am thinking of doing a client-server chat program (from ur advanced java tuts)... But i just wanted to know how can i actually run it over a real server form hostgator or something,, (cos i cant afford a new server now)... i hav the server side program in my pc and it works well on localhost , but how to move it to the real server and also RUN it there 24*7 so that clients can access all time... pls update vedios to ur advance java vlog on doing that too... also if possi. explain how to handle multiple users at same time... really hoping for a reply,,....