If possible could someone help me out please? The case is with the "Arrow selection operator" tutorial

I tried to create my classess no efect and tried to recreate the classes like on the tutorial and I get 2 error messages

1 - when I try to build the Sally.cpp " undefined reference to WinMain@16" target="_blank">WinMain@16"

2nd one when trying to build my main file with the object ( I called it test.cpp )

\xxxxxxxxx\xxxxxxx\c++\bucky42.o:bucky42.cpp|| undefined reference to `Sally::Sally()'|
\xxxxxxxx\xxxxxxx\c++\bucky42.o:bucky42.cpp|| undefined reference to `Sally::printCrap()'|
||=== Build finished: 2 errors, 0 warnings ===|

IS there any chance for help with the case ?

Thanks in advance