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Points: 143
Gender: Male
Birthday: August 6, 1998
Relationship: Single
Religion: Pastafarian
Political Views: Doneld Tramp
Current City: Jenks, Oklahoma


Tulsa Technology Center: 2014 - 2015
Jenks High School: 2012 - 2016




Nicholas Eason  >>  Bucky Roberts
October 14, 2016 · Public

Whenever I open a forum page that contains an embedded video, it forces me to download a file. This only happens when I disable Shockwave Flash Player (which I like to have disabled) :(

Nicholas Eason  >>  Bucky Roberts
September 9, 2016 · Public

RIP TheNewBoston. Forum is basically dead, stream is basically dead. All the good things die out :(

Nicholas Eason
June 26, 2016 · Public

Key Bindings are ruining me.

Nicholas Eason
June 24, 2016 · Public

Basic game engine programming is a lot more fun than actually making the games, that is until you get into the more daunting stuff like physics... Well, here's hoping it turns out good!

Nicholas Eason
June 21, 2016 · Public

I don't understand, I'm getting forum +1's in places I don't even know about... it's like people view days old threads, see my answer, and are like "Huh, that guy solved it..." then just hit the +1 button. Whatever, not complaining I guess. Time to go make my specialty though... grilled cheese :)