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Yannis Sp
April 18, 2016 · Public

I'm going to join a mentoring program about entrepreneurship which charges 100 euro (110$) per hour because i read from many successful people that mentoring is very important.I think this will be the best investment i made for myself.I will let you know about my experience after my first meeting.

Yannis Sp
April 16, 2016 · Public

Yannis Sp
April 13, 2016 · Public

My mission in life is to become the best person i can be.A part of becoming the best person i can be is to create a great quality of life to as many people as i can.

Yannis Sp
April 12, 2016 · Public


Is Tim finally becoming famous?????

Yannis Sp
April 8, 2016 · Public

Guys, idk how that happened but i found a video series on YT explaining from zero about invesments , stocks etc and it's so clear and great that i have share it with all of you intrested to learn stock market etc.

The fun part that i didn't tell you is that the teacher is Martin Shkreli (Pharma bro) !!

Seriously guys idk what in the universe happened but just watch this videos they are out of this world!!