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Rehman .  >>  Yannis Sp
May 7, 2016 · Public

Whats up bro, its been long time we haven't seen any of your post :)

Yannis Sp
April 18, 2016 · Public

I'm going to join a mentoring program about entrepreneurship which charges 100 euro (110$) per hour because i read from many successful people that mentoring is very important.I think this will be the best investment i made for myself.I will let you know about my experience after my first meeting.

Yannis Sp
April 16, 2016 · Public

Yannis Sp
April 13, 2016 · Public

My mission in life is to become the best person i can be.A part of becoming the best person i can be is to create a great quality of life to as many people as i can.

Yannis Sp
April 12, 2016 · Public


Is Tim finally becoming famous?????