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Points: 18
Gender: Male
Birthday: December 2, 1992
Relationship: Single
Religion: Islam
Political Views: not intrested
Birthplace: Karachi
Current City: Karachi



Israr Ali
March 23, 2015 · Public

Israr Ali
November 27, 2014 · Public

I try to remember all the java script- code but after awhile ,i forget if there is any platform where i can stay-in my mind all the code for whole life please... ... ...

Israr Ali  >>  Bucky Roberts
November 24, 2014 · Public

Dear Bucky!
I want to make a digital clock in java script but the method
you used in the previous videos as only printing the time ,please any suggestion... ... ...

Israr Ali
November 21, 2014 · Public