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Points: 12
Gender: Male
Birthday: November 2, 1990
Relationship: Single
Current City: Bangalore, India


Tyndale Biscoe: 2014 - 2014



Aamir Fayaz  >>  Andreea Cristina
July 4, 2015 · Public


Aamir Fayaz  >>  Andreea Cristina
November 22, 2014 · Public


Aamir Fayaz
November 21, 2014 · Public

Aamir Fayaz  >>  Bucky Roberts
November 20, 2014 · Public

Hey Bucky, I been watching your videos for the last 1 year and I always wanted to say this, what if you put all the code you write in one video into a text file and upload it next to that video so that we can copy paste it simply.