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Đorđe Dimitrijević
December 29, 2014 · Public

Bucky your most frequent words in tutorials are: Pretty much, basically, now, let's say, whenever,anytime, So, what we want to do... :)

Đorđe Dimitrijević
December 28, 2014 · Public

Happy Birthday!

Đorđe Dimitrijević  >>  Jaque Ressel
December 17, 2014 · Public


Đorđe Dimitrijević
November 17, 2014 · Public

Hello Bucky, thanks for your videos they are amazing! I have a question. How do u practice coding?
Or i just have to start from scratch, imagine what i want to code and they try it out?
Any suggestions?

Thanks, peace

Đorđe Dimitrijević
November 17, 2014 · Public