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Donald Trump
June 12, 2017 · Public

Ana and Graham of the two and the five.
Ana and Graham are the will to survive.
Ana and Graham will run down the hills.
Ana and Graham live in the hard drives.
As they approach the end of the cliff,
They take a bow and leap from the edge.
Only the sky, by the moon is it lit,
Will bear witness to their final pledge.
Ana and Graham by their tangled web,
Entwined by the lives that their souls hath need.
The spiders come out and weave up the dead,
God can look down and mourn while he weeps.
Ana and Graham and all they opposed,
Shall fall silent as they decompose.
The Cicadas will sing as so it is composed,
And the Cicadas shall ensure the Sevens Exposed.

Donald Trump  >>  Tim Bogdanov
November 17, 2016 · Public

Donald Trump
October 29, 2016 · Public

@Branislav Lazic, @Nikola Novakovic dodjite na, mnogo je bolje, ja sam odavde otisao, previse ljudi spamuje kod, religiju i politiku, cak je i bucky napustio sopstveni sajt. Na craftedinu je mnogo normalnije :)

Donald Trump
October 12, 2016 · Public

This video has been leaked by Edward Snowden 2 months ago. This is a "project blue book" from the year 1964. Whether you're a complete skeptic or someone who might believe this is real - I'd say you won't regret watching it at the end. It is very interesting and kinda makes you question life.

Donald Trump
October 12, 2016 · Public

the religion of peace.

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