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John B. Ryan
November 13, 2014 · Public

does anyone know good (if possible as great as bucky's tutorials!) om Ruby on Rails?
I would really love to get into that (besides more Python).
Any hints appreciated, thx.

John B. Ryan
November 12, 2014 · Public

Hey Bucky,
another try.
Do you know any other Tutorials (no way less greater than yours, please :)) that I could play with so to learn more about Python? Any Ideas on books or web sides about it?
Waiting for your tips I will go ahead and play with your Tkinter tutorials (they are great as always).
Thanks for your advice, Brian

John B. Ryan
November 11, 2014 · Public

Hey Bucky,
I am done with your Phython tutorials. Now I am stuck. Are you planning on doing more? Any suggestions where to go from here to get more training and learning more (your tutorials are great but I am still not where I would like to be - as you can imagine ;))?

John B. Ryan
November 4, 2014 · Public

Hi Bucky,

just discovered your tutorials on youtube > GREAT STUFF!
Hope you are not giving up until I am a prof. Phython geek ;).
I am at lesson 'webcrawler3' and I wonder how that will work with your almost empty 'Trade_Section' ;)
Anyway cool stuff thanks and if you ever make it to Berlin: Coffee is on the house! ;)