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Sid wadhwa  >>  Abdullah Nauman
January 10, 2017 · Public

4 things i want to know please help me

1) How to set the select options alphabetically ?
2) How to create an autosuggestion box like that of google ?
3) How to create a filter using select option way ?
4) How to create a checkout way, payment way out ?

Sid wadhwa  >>  Abdullah Nauman
June 27, 2016 · Public

how to make select option value 0 so it cannot get transfer to database

Abdullah Nauman
June 19, 2016 · Public

Abdullah Nauman
March 21, 2016 · Public

Hey Everyone. Been pretty inactive for a while, but i'm back!

Abdullah Nauman
February 17, 2016 · Public

If anyone could answer this question, or even provide even some information please do help.