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Tatrasiel R  >>  Abdullah Nauman
August 30, 2017 · Public

I am surprised you're still on here.

Abdullah Nauman
February 21, 2017 · Public

Decided to finally get around to making my own website. Planning on incorporating a blog feature soon.


It's mobile responsive for the most part(expect for the Emulator and a few images). As always, criticism is appreciated.

Abdullah Nauman
January 21, 2017 · Public

So depressing...

Sid wadhwa  >>  Abdullah Nauman
January 10, 2017 · Public

4 things i want to know please help me

1) How to set the select options alphabetically ?
2) How to create an autosuggestion box like that of google ?
3) How to create a filter using select option way ?
4) How to create a checkout way, payment way out ?

Sid wadhwa  >>  Abdullah Nauman
June 27, 2016 · Public

how to make select option value 0 so it cannot get transfer to database