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Rohan Garg
February 22, 2015 · Public

Hi Bucky !!!!!!!!!!!
Can i start a challenge series for android...
In this i will give people different different challenges to make apps

Rohan Garg
February 13, 2015 · Public

HiBucky !!!please make a tutorial on how to sign up on admob and add advertisement to your android apps´╗┐

Rohan Garg
December 28, 2014 · Public

bucky please make a calculator for me
i have recently opened my account on Google Play Developer Console(i have paid them 25 dollars)
and i want to upload some apps on it to earn some money
Would you help me plz

Rohan Garg
December 27, 2014 · Public

can any one make a calculator for me in android studio
i will be very thank full to

Rohan Garg
December 24, 2014 · Public

Hi Bucky can you make a calculator for me that can do all these things in android studio
and please dont say no
thanks in advance