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Points: 21
Gender: Male
Birthday: December 24, 2001
Relationship: Single
Religion: Islam
Political Views: Student of the country's best school, RUMC
Birthplace: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Current City: Uttara, Dhaka- 1230




Tanvir Kabir
December 2, 2015 · Public

I think for some reason Bucky's tutorials have stopped appearing in his website!

Tanvir Kabir
January 1, 2015 · Public

Tanvir Kabir
January 1, 2015 · Public

Check out the video


Tanvir Kabir
August 3, 2014 · Public

Downloading Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate was not totally successful. At it ended I could only download 4 out of 5 GB excluding the optional updates till now still yesterday. Microsoft's licensed product only gave me 3 months of free trial. :( I don't know how much I would complete learning Visual Basic C++ by that time. Moreover, I could make a coding site for free with microsoft. How Cool.
The link is - https://tanvirsprogramminglife.visualstudio,com

Tanvir Kabir
August 1, 2014 · Public

can anyone tell what is the difference between class and object in java. Its sure everyone may do, but which one will be the best? Lets find out :)

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