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abhishek phukan  >>  Bucky Roberts
July 6, 2016 · Public

Bucky please do an awesome series on geolocation..want to know what is the potential of this feature in programming.Hope you get my message!

abhishek phukan  >>  Bucky Roberts
July 3, 2016 · Public

Bucky you are just awesome.

abhishek phukan  >>  Bucky Roberts
June 15, 2016 · Public

Hi, bucky please make a tutorial series on geolocation feature of HTML.You have one series but it's all basics.Please make in detail if you have time.Thank You!

abhishek phukan
January 2, 2015 · Public

abhishek phukan
December 30, 2014 · Public

My little programming_

Man="Eat to Live";
Man="Live to eat";
Phew,,,very tough...got it at last...need a break..:)