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Calculate income taxes using the following rules:
 The amount of taxes owed equals the taxable income times the tax rate.
 Taxable income equals gross income minus $1,000 for each exemption.
 The taxable income cannot be less than zero.
The tax rate is computed using the following table:
Filing Status Taxable Income Tax Rate
single irrelevant 20%
married irrelevant 25%
cohabiting less than $20,000 10%
$20,000 ─ $50,000 15%
more than $50,000 30%

You should design your program to perform the required tasks modularly and to increase code re‐usability. Hence, your program should:
i. create one function for each filing status;
ii. make use of parameter(s) passing; and
iii. make use of return value(s).
d) Applying appropriate control structures to handle program logic in your program:
i. Includes at least two (2) different types of selection or multiple selection structure; and
ii. Includes at least two (2) different types of repetition structures