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Abhimanyu Aryan  >>  Bucky Roberts
August 14, 2015 · Public

Bucky: I can teach you to fish, but I'm not giving out free tuna :p

Abhimanyu Aryan  >>  Bucky Roberts
August 3, 2015 · Public

Bucky I understand that you teach too much and your stomach distends with too much swallowed air which causes Burping but could you try not to burp forcefully(like old times). I feel like vomiting while listening to them.

I am watching your android videos and in every video you burp what's wrong? Burp collectively later in front of your GF let her smell all of your bacon. :p

Abhimanyu Aryan  >>  Bucky Roberts
May 31, 2015 · Public

Bucky wanna laugh ?

Santa : I have kidnapped your wife.
Banta : I don't believe you.
Santa : Look out for a parcel at your door step. I have send her finger as a proof.
Banta : How would I believe its her finger? It could be anyone's -_- cut her head and send me that only then i would believe you :/

Abhimanyu Aryan
March 3, 2015 · Public

Abhimanyu Aryan
March 3, 2015 · Public

from bucky import tuna
# :p