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Kumi Festus
July 29, 2015 · Public

Can't sign out of newboston, what happened?

Kumi Festus
December 27, 2014 · Public

does the php mail() need a database connection to function?

Kumi Festus
November 9, 2014 · Public

Guys I need advice. I have a website. It has a mobile application, Which is different from the desktop version. But the problem is that anyone using a tablet or smart phone to visit needs to open a browser to type the web address. This is awkward. I want to get a downlaodable app for it for tablets and smart phone users to download so they will only tap on the icon and go straight to the site. They don't need to open a browser to type the web address.

I need advice where or how I can do that.

Kumi Festus
August 6, 2014 · Public

I am looking a good tutorial for JavaScript OOP. I will be happy if you can introduce me to one.


Kumi Festus
July 17, 2014 · Public

I need a CMS to create a website for a courier company
I am creating a website for my client who has a courier service company. I want to download and incorporate this software into my website(if it doesn't have all the features to stand alone as complete website).

It should be able to help customers track their existing packages which are already in the mail.
It should also help customers see complete information about their products' activities.

I will be happy if someone has information for me.