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Alex Sweps
November 15, 2014 · Public

Any oldschoolers in here?

Alex Sweps
November 9, 2014 · Public

Check buckysroom: Posts about programming and other educational material
Check facebook right after: Posts about cake, sports and celebrity gossip

Really noticed the difference that time...

Alex Sweps
November 7, 2014 · Public

This guy couldent have said it any better:

Hacking is not something that is done by some guy wearing a cloaked hoodie hiding in some corner who knows more than anyone else in the world … There are people who have an understanding of how computers work and are able to find where people who do not know how computers work are improperly handling their own system.

Alex Sweps
November 2, 2014 · Public

I dont think this guy knows how to math?

Alex Sweps
November 1, 2014 · Public

How the hell do I use that new message feature?