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Birthday: December 10, 1992
Relationship: Single
Religion: Freedom
Political Views: Laws are ruled by dead people: no point of turning back
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Kanon Tape
June 27, 2017 · Public

Hey, Does anyone know where i can watch criminology videos..
can't find the right ones on youtube.. anyone? .. bucky ? hoss ??

Kanon Tape
July 13, 2016 · Public

My phone got stolen yesterday.. I tried to look up the location with my google dashboard account but its not really helpfull.. So i reported my imei to the police office nearby me but they dont really seem to do anything.. I was wondering if there was an other alternative that can help me out.. Like backtrack or kali linux or is it too for looking?

Kanon Tape
May 10, 2016 · Public

How Does Thenewboston.com Make Money ? Through Donation? #sorry for the captital letters:p

Kanon Tape
March 8, 2016 · Public

How Do You Make Money Playing Games.. ?

Kanon Tape
January 18, 2016 · Public

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