Hey guys, i'am a pentester a geek information security a good programmer in python from writting differents exploits to making tools like scanners, fuzzers, projects and so on, however, one year ago i've enrolled in securitytube SLAE course ( SecurityTube linux Assembly Expert) to take my skills to a further step and find myself ' Wow thats what i was looking for' .

So, now i can read any code that written in assembly, encoders, decoders, shellcoding and tracing the flow in GDB and everything going very cool, and to make it very interesting and robust, i've downloaded a few open-sources worms and viruses just for fun to make it more challenging to understand how registers, eflags, stack how they act in each operation.

I've started to think deeply, did python and IA32 fit together ??, i mean if i want to controll a router or a computer memory or to manipulate them to do what you want to do , is that good enough just to learn SLAE without any other language which can effectively support !!!! , the answer of course is ( C&C++ ), maybe someone else could say: ' Cython is the key C -- Python hyprid ' , well thats fine, but not as good as C&C++ make sure of that :) , because, it has the benefit to become the most powerful language in the past and in the far future , you can use it for an embedded hardware platform which python can't, C exist anywhere even in your phone your games go navigat inside www.exploit-db.com site and look how much pentesters they coded their exploits in C and the result always is ' ROOT ROOT ROOT ' in a linux machine or what ever they coded for .

What i want to ask is , can anyone tells me if i want to study C language and make it fit my interests like writting exploits and tools as python but in C , from where to get start ?? , especially , i have the basics in C but not as i have in python.

Any help will be tons appreciate :) .