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Yassine Dakir
December 23, 2014 · Public

Still got the old favicon YAyy!! >:P ""

Yassine Dakir
December 9, 2014 · Public

You Must play this guys , it's really cool game to learn coding , i just found it yesterday and started to become adicted to it LOL , c the pic bellow

Yassine Dakir
December 8, 2014 · Public

Hey guys you must check this out , learn coding by playing a game LOL , i just found it and decide to share it with you , really fun :D

Yassine Dakir  >>  Bucky Roberts
November 26, 2014 · Public

Have Anyone noticed the new favicon :D , pretty good huh ?

Yassine Dakir  >>  Bucky Roberts
November 11, 2014 · Public

Sorry about posting this here , i wanted everyone here to c this , anyway guys i have an idea that what if everyone in buckysroom started to make a tutorial about small program or site or design or whatever he has learned from bucky's tutorials and post them in the forum